We offer a great variety of types of fence for a variety of tastes and uses.  From a strong barbwire farm fence to a nice decorative fence at home.  We take pride in our work so you will have a fence to be proud of!

Chain Link Fence

We use a quality 11 gauge fabric for our residential chain link fence and offer heavier gauges and colors as well.  These can be built at any reasonable height and length.


6ft Privacy Wood Fence

For the last 12 years Doug has been urging his customers to use scheduled 20 metal posts (because wood posts won’t even last 10 years) and cedar pickets because pine pickets work terribly.  The 80% of the customers who take Doug’s advice are always happy and the other 20% are never happy.  So he has decided that he can only use metal posts and cedar pickets for wood privacy (Due to lack of cedar Doug will use certain trtd pickets also).

Wood Rail Farm Fence

We usually build a 3 to 4 rail farm fence, with a nice flat rail on top…to  sit your coffee on when you look at your horses.  For this we suggest treated 4×4 posts in concrete with 5/4” x 6’ deck lumber.

Old Fashion Wood Picket Fence

We custom build to your taste and style, whether a fancy decorative picket or a standard 4ft flat picket. If we can get the material to build it…we will!

Metal Ornamental Fence

From a 4ft residential to a 6-8 ft commercial, ornamental fence can be done in a variety of styles.  There is a 3-rail majestic that is flat on top, or a classic look with pickets above the top rail.  Different varieties and options to choose from…just depends on what you want to spend!

Vinyl Privacy Fence

The vinyl privacy fence looks similar to the wooden but comes in white, brown, or grey colors.  This fence will cost you a bit more but will not rot; making it the last fence you will buy!

Vinyl Rail Fence

Our vinyl rail fence also varies in number of rails and have different post top designs available.  This a low maintenance farm style fence that looks great at the farm or home!

Vinyl Picket Fence

The vinyl picket fence usually runs 4ft tall with various styles of 2-3” pickets.  These can be scallop style or standard depending on your preference and pocket book!


With most types fence we can build metal-framed gates that I guarantee will not sag!  These are re-enforced and have metal gateposts.

Animal Shelters

We can custom create and build any type of shelter for your animals or livestock. Either using a metal structure with a chainlink fencing, wood, or vinyl depending on your needs. These pens can be built to any size for a small domestic animal to large outdoor horse corrals.